Pizzeria Restaurant Mùita di Mari

The restaurant pizzeria Mùita di Mari offers an a la carte menu, in which you can choose from seafood and land dishes elaborated on the basis of traditional recipes. Local and fresh products are preferred, which are often combined with exotic products such as turmeric, ginger, avocado, mango etc... Our dishes in their simplicity manage to give unique and intense sensations. Giving further quality and value to the cuisine of Mùita di Mari is our PIZZA, prepared with care and passion through the use of natural leavening techniques and excellent raw materials, all guaranteeing an excellent product of proven success.

Local Dishes

In order to enhance local traditions and specialties, we offer dishes in which innovation and tradition meet in a harmonious union thanks to the use of quality raw materials, often at Km0, elaborated with criteria based on the simplicity of traditional recipes.

Long leavening

We offer genuine long-rising pizza.Our pizza dough rises from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 96 hours.For toppings we choose high quality foods, favoring local ones.

Healthier foods IT

Let's choose healthier foods that are free of chemicals (pesticides and fungicides). Let's prefer fruits and vegetables that are grown organically or otherwise with low environmental impact methods, whose provenance we know. When mother nature allows, we can take advantage of local fruits and vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and grapes.

Gluten Free Pizza

Mùita di Mari's gluten free pizza is the result of a long and complex process through the use of certified flours. A pizza characterized by a fragrant, soft, fragrant base, topped with a special gluten free line and cooked in an oven dedicated only to gluten free.

Fresh fish

Our specialties never include the extraordinary Sardinian mussel soup, elaborated on the basis of traditional local recipes.

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Gluten free pizza

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The menu is subject to continuous change, for more detailed information please contact us.

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